Fossil smartwatches will now be able to use Google Assistant

A recent update for the most recent watches from the firm allows Google Assistant to once again be used with Fossil smartwatches. When Wear OS 3 was released, Google Assistant was no longer available on Fossil watches.

This is due to Wear OS 3 temporarily discontinuing Google Assistant. If you recall, Google Assistant wasn’t pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 when it was first released. And it took several months until an update made it possible. The Fossil Gen 6 and other Fossil watches that were updated to Wear OS 3 experienced something similar. However, it’s back now with increased functionality thanks to the hands-free options for everything from searching to sending texts.

The update for the Fossil Gen 6 and the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition was discovered by Droid Life. You can manually check to see if an update is available to download if you haven’t yet noticed it on your own.

On your Fossil Gen 6, Google Assistant won’t need to be installed

You won’t need to install the Google Assistant app, but you will need to install the watch update. The Google Assistant functions on your watch will immediately function once the latest software on your watch has completed installation.

This simply buys you a couple of minutes. Therefore, it’s more of a convenience than a time saver. Users will undoubtedly be relieved to have one less installation to make.

However, you will still need to set up Google Assistant and customize it. Through the watch’s settings menu, you can accomplish this. After choosing Google, check for Assistant, and then choose that. A brief step-by-step instruction should be provided to assist you through the setup procedure. Once it is done, you are ready to leave.