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Form-B for Newborns Can be Taken without Birth Certificate


Parents could now obtain Form-B for their newborns at any NADRA Registration Centre without having to submit their birth certificates issued usually by the union councils.

As per a spokesperson of NADRA–Mohammad Faiq having a birth certificate for the purpose of getting Form-B was no more a requirement.

The registration authority have also put an end to the need to have its application form getting attested by a government officer of Grade-17 or above.

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For getting a Form-B, parents just have to visit an NRC along with their original computerised NICs. All they need to do is to provide their respective thumb impressions.

But, the NRC in-charge might ask parents to present their child in case of any doubt or confusion regarding the information provided by them.

The spokesperson of NADRA said that the deciison was taken for easing the process of getting the Form-B.

The normal charges for getting a Form-B is Rs.50 and it would be delivered to the applicants within 7 days. They could also get it on the same day of filing the application by depositing a special fee of Rs.500.

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