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Foreign Plane Makes an Emergency Landing at Multan Airport

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A foreign aeroplane coming from the United Arab Emirates was forced to make an emergency landing at the Multan airport after colliding with a bird.

No details have been provided by the Civil Aviation Authority, they only stated that a bird struck the engine of the plane which resulted in an emergency landing.

The plane landed safely at the airport of Multan; no mishaps have been reported. All the passengers in the flight remained unhurt.

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On Wednesday, the Aviation spokesperson says that the plane is still at the airport and waiting for a specialized team to come and inspect the plane.

After the inspection is done completely the plane would head back to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Bird strike cases are very common in aeroplanes. And most of the time the bird strike case is noticed to be reported in the engine of the plane.

Among 44% of the incidents, birds hit the plane’s engine, while 31% chances lie in hitting the wings of the plane. They collide the windshield on an average of 13% while collision with the fuselage and nose is 8% and 4% correspondingly.

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