Foreign Minister of Pakistan Met UAE Minister to Improve Bilateral Ties

The foreign minister of Pakistan recently met the UAE minister to discuss bilateral ties with India and other African countries.

Shah Memood Qureshi - Foreign Minister Pakistan

To improve bilateral ties with India and the Sub-Saharan African countries, the foreign minister of Pakistan met a UAE minister. The two also discussed the matters relater to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Beside this, the two ministers also discussed the COVID-19 situation and Pakistan’s participation in an Expo arranged by Abu Dhabi.

The Pakistani minister appreciated the close relations of the people within the two countries and stressed to further improve them.

Whereas the UAE minister appreciated Pakistan’s proposal to deal with the menace of Islamophobia. They also discussed UAE’s ban on Pakistani’s to enter the country.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry read:

Apprising the Emirati Minister of State of the difficulties being faced by Pakistani citizens with regard to UAE visa, Foreign Minister Qureshi underscored the need to address the issue at the earliest possible.

The two sides also exchanged views on OIC matters and stressed the importance of further strengthening it as a united and pivotal platform for the Muslim Ummah,

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