Foreign Investors Sold Local Securities Amounting to Rs. 1.57B

According to a report by SBP, foreign investors sold their local securities which amounted to Rs. 1.57 billion. Previously there’s hype.

Foreign Investors - Foreign Investment

According to SBP, foreign investors retracted Rs. 1.57 billion by selling local securities. Previously, there was hype when the SBP witnessed a net purchase of Rs. 45.12 million.

The State Bank of Pakistan in recent times shared a report on Specially Convertible Rupee Accounts (SCRA) which stated that the gross sale of securities during the week, under consideration, recorded Rs. 6.6 billion.

The total purchase, on the other hand, were Rs. 5.5 billion, during the same week.

The overall purchase was dropped by Rs. 2.2 billion. Whereas, the net sale of securities dropped by Rs. 611.64 million.

The inflow of the remittance from foreign investors stood at Rs. 1.32 billion. And the outflow stood at Rs. 2.8 billion, according to the report.

It was also mentioned that the closing balance was recorded at rs. 28.97 billion. This is a rise of Rs. 341.62.

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