Foreign Exchange Reserves of Pakistan increase by $67 million after 'official inflow' – Research Snipers

Foreign Exchange Reserves of Pakistan increase by $67 million after ‘official inflow’

The country has recorded an increase in the liquid foreign reserves during the week ended on July 17 and exceeded the 19,000 million US dollars mark.

According to the official stats released by the central bank of Pakistan, the country has foreign reserves of 19,047.3 million US dollars. The increase in the foreign reserves by 67 million US dollars is mainly due to official inflow received by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

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While sharing the details of the reserves, the central bank said that the commercial bank of the country currently has the forex reserves of 6,925.7 million US dollars, besides reserves of 12,121.6 million Unites States dollars by the State Bank of Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning here that a similar trend was followed in the previous week when the foreign reserves held by the central bank of the country, during the week ending on the 10th of July, increased by 13 million US dollars to 12.05 billion Unites States dollars.

The State Bank of Pakistan, while sharing the details about the reserves held by Pakistan last week, said that the total liquid foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan stood at 18,952.6 million US dollars.

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