Ford: The US automaker will launch its plug-in hybrid cars in China by 2018

Ford - Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Ford Motor Company plans to cover 70% of plug-in hybrid cars in China by 2018. And in the next five years, it plans to launch fully electric vehicles.

Ford has always taken a huge part in capturing the auto market. And this time, too, they rolled out the news when China is appreciating plug-in hybrid cars or fully electric vehicles.

Beijing, the capital of China is on the verge to save the environment and at the same time save fuel consumption in the country. The capital is highly supporting the use and manufacturing of eco-friendly vehicles.

Taking the advantage, Ford shared a glimpse of its future plan. The American automaker said that it intends to divert hugely towards electrifying its fleet of vehicles by 2025.

Ford also rolled out that with their partners in China, their first plug-in hybrid car would start touching the roads early next year.

Ford is working with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co in China. Both companies have intentions to capture 70% of the share of conventional hybrids, plug-in hybrids or full battery electric vehicles by 2025.

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