Ford has recalled 550,000 vehicles including Fusion and Escape – Research Snipers

Ford has recalled 550,000 vehicles including Fusion and Escape

Ford has recalled as many as 550,000 units of Ford Fusion Sedan and Ford Escape SUVs from 2013 to 2016 over rollaway problems.

Ford’s wider recall is not just limited to a single factory problem; there are more issues in the cars which spurs Ford recall of 550,000 vehicles.

Ford Fusion Sedan from 2013-2016 is included in the recall list while Ford Escape SUVs from 2013-2014 are also included. These vehicles were initially assembled in three different factories including Flat Rock and Louisville in the United States and Hermosillo in Mexico.

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The vehicles were built between June 18, 2013, and August 31, 2015. Most of the cars roughly 504,000 are in the United States while others are in Canada and Mexico.

The problem lies in the transmission or the part connected to it, a bushing holding the shifter cable in the transmission might detach. If this happens the driver can be confused and might think the transmission is in a different gear than it actually is. For instance, the driver has put the car in park, it would also show on the dashboard that the car is parked but it actually is in gear.

This sounds quite risky, especially when you have parked the car too close to an object and it is actually in gear when you ignite the start button you may collide.

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You should get it fixed as soon as possible even if you do not experience any problems with transmission, the fixing procedure is quite easy, you can take the car to the dealership and the technicians would do the rest, they will replace the shifter cable bushing.

Ford has also warned car owners to use the parking brake/handbrake when the car is parked, this way even if it’s in gear the brake will hold it down from moving.