Ford Beats General Motors In US Sales During May

According to the figures reported on Thursday, Ford Motor managed to leave General Motors behind in sales during the last month of May in the United States. Ford reported 2.2 percent increase in May sales as compared to last year period. Ford motor Co sold 241,126 units in May whereas GM sold 237,364 units down by 1.3 percent as compared to last year’s may period.

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GM said they have mostly sold their low margin fleet vehicles to the car rental companies at heavy discounts, due to that their sales were declined and 19 percent of the sales came through these discounted sales.

Ford’s overall fleet sales increased by 8.4 per, which is more than 34 percent of total sales, however, the industry average is 20%

The demand fell in March and April, experts say the sales in May were ignited by heavy discounts in the industry. Manufacturers and dealers really pushed the deals of the weekends and Memorial Day with heavy discounts, said Jessica Cladwell industry analyst.

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According to the Reuters, GM dealers offered discounts up to $12,000 on the full-size Chevrolet Silverado pickup, whereas dealers offered on Ford Motor Co’s F-series pickups more than $10,000 on 2017 models and around $14,000 on 2016 models. 

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