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For The First Time, No Reports of COVID-19 Cases In China

What seems like a year ago, it was just a couple of months back that coronavirus appeared in a small Chinese town of Wuhan. Since then, the country has been the ‘Ground Zero‘ of the pandemic that has tightened more than half of the globe in its clutches.

After months of preventive measures amidst myths and misconceptions, China has good news for the first time. The country’s National Health Commission reported no new cases in the last twenty-four hours.

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As per CNN reports, officials noted 34 cases in the previous 24 hours but all of those cases were outside mainland China. A few weeks ago, China consistently reported multiple cases and casualties every day- over thousands in some instances. To curb the spread of such deadly infection that has already crippled half of the world is no short of a wonder.

Experts contested that social distancing is the best possible way to stop the spread. Preventing a huge number of people from getting sick at the same and to overwhelm the healthcare system might be the only way out of the pandemic.

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If the reports are accurate. the practice of intense lockdown and social distancing played their parts, at the cost of economy and a change in the country’s way of life.

At any cost, it’s good news in the given circumstances. China will continue the lockdown and other preventive measures until the pandemic is in complete control.

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