For its upcoming smartwatch, Google might repurpose the Pixel Watch design

There are certain pieces of information that suggest that Google might be preparing to introduce its next smartwatch. Some fresh shreds of evidence suggest that the upcoming smartwatch won’t be much different from the Pixel Watch. There is some information regarding the codenames of the smartwatch.

The information is sourced from the folks at 9to5google. It was unveiled during a teardown of a recent Google app update. The information suggests that the company has labeled the smartwatch with two codenames i.e., Eos and Aurora. Well, it might suggest that the company is ready to introduce two new smartwatches in the market. The new offerings could be a competition with upcoming smartwatches from different brands. One such example is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 series.

The mystery behind the codenames

The goddess of dawn is represented by two mythological figures, Eos and Aurora. The term “Eos” was used by the ancient Greeks, and the word “Aurora” was used by the ancient Romans to refer to the same idol. Possibly, Google might introduce one Pixel Watch 2, with the codenames Eos and Aurora. They might refer to the Bluetooth-only and LTE variants of the smartwatch.

Besides the codenames, the sources shared that an animation suggests the possible release of the Pixel Watch 2. However, the animation used here is the same that was utilized by Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch. Do note that the animated Pixel Watch is unmodified. Well, it could suggest that the company has not changed the animation as yet or it could feature the same design as the previous smartwatch.

Well, this repetition in design is not a strange thing. Samsung is also reportedly using the same design for one or two models of its forthcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series. The standard model might appear similar to the Watch 5. At the same time, the Classic version could feature the physical rotating bezel that was presented with the Watch 5 Classic.