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For Avoiding High Beam Blindness Hazara Motorway Gets Glare Shields

hazara motorway

For dealing with the issue of high beam blindness Hazara Motorway gets the glare shields.

The Hazara Motorway has experienced many delays, and as per the local commissioner—Zaheerul Islam after all the delays the motorway would be opened soon for the traffic.

He also said that he is anticipating a strategically significant artery to be finished within the next 3-4 weeks’ time which would reduce the vehicular load on the Karakoram Highway.

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The commissioner further added that the construction of the Havelian-Manshera section of the motorway is in the final stages, with little areas where the construction is still in process.

Some pictures were shared on Twitter recently indicating that for avoiding high beam blindness, glare shields are being installed on the Hazara Motorway.

The commissioner said that they could have opened the motorway for traffic nearly in the mid of August, but the rainy spell led to the inauguration delay and intercepted work.

The glare shield is really beneficial and should be installed in all other major motorways/highways throughout Pakistan for avoiding accidents at night.

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