For Android phones, Google Drive now has an improved document scanner

Google Drive

A few days ago, we learned that the Google Drive app would receive several new features. Accordingly, the app is set to receive a redesigned home page, more details about files, some design tweaks from the Material You theme, and easier navigation. According to some recent pieces of information, the app is set to receive another new feature. The folks at 9to5Google report that the Android version of the app is set to receive an improved document scanner.

Version 2.23.457.1 features a circular button that holds the camera logo. It can be found at the top of the rectangle-shaped action button named ‘+New.’ The new interface of the document scanner appears when pressing the camera button. It has two different modes, including manual and auto. If you select Manual, set the document precisely in the camera’s field of view, then press the capture button. When the phone is stable and the app detects that a document needs to be scanned, it will begin capturing the document automatically in Automatic mode.

After scanning the document, multiple documents can be merged to create a multi-page document. Even the documents can be cropped with the help of manual and automatic crop features. Users can format the document by applying filters, including auto, color, and grayscale. The Grayscale filter converts photos to black and white, whereas the Color filter enhances colors. You have the option to erase or retake the current capture.

The scanned document will be stored in Google Drive once all editing is complete. Users can save the documents in their preferred locations on the Drive. It is quite a nice addition that will eliminate the requirement for a third-party document-scanning app.

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