FoodPanda Asks Govt. To Allow Indoor Dining With Enhanced SOPs


Restaurants in Pakistan employ millions of people and indoor dining is their biggest source of revenue. After almost six months of lockdowns in 2020, most restaurants are on the brink of bankruptcy. Contrary to popular belief, an overwhelming majority of restaurants are small family run establishments that are the sole source of income for these families.

In solidarity with restaurants of Pakistan, foodpanda is requesting federal and provincial governments to permit restaurants to operate indoor dining with enhanced social distancing and COVID-19 SOPs.

Other countries that have successfully kept indoor dining open without increasing COVID-19 transmission risk have done so based on the following enhanced SOPs:

1. No more than 1 person per 20 square feet of dine in area

2. Limit table sizes to maximum six people

3. Hand sanitiser on every table

4. At least eight feet distance between each table

5. Temperature and mask check at entrance for both employees and customers

6. Mandatory mask wearing for all employees and customers

7. Customers can only remove mask when seated at their own table

8. Charge a ‘Sanitisation Fee’ of 10 percent of the total bill

9. Mandatory leave for all employees showing flu or fever symptoms

10. Post signage to remind customers of physical distancing rules

11. Open doors and windows to increase ventilation

12. Place food, cutlery and condiments on the table only after customers sit down

13. Hygienically sanitise all crockery and cutlery after every use

14. Full daily sanitisation of all surfaces in the kitchen and in the dine in areas

15. Allow restaurants to use open air footpaths or parking space to place tables

16. Open air tables may be cordoned off for privacy using temporary tent / fabric walls

17. Customers not following enhanced SOPs may be asked to leave

“Closing dine-in doesn’t just impact restaurants, it also affects incomes for associated businesses such as food suppliers, farmers and packaging manufacturers. We believe enhanced dine in SOPs will ensure survival of restaurants, allow continued employment for millions of people and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19,” said foodpanda Chief Executive Officer Nauman Sikander Mirza. Nauman added that, “While takeaway and delivery is currently permitted during limited hours for all restaurants, we believe it should be extended to 24 hours and seven days a week because it incentivizes people to stay at home and dine in should be extended till 2am.”

With over 20,000 restaurant partners across the country and millions of food deliveries every month, FoodPanda is Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce and food delivery company. Foodpanda provides self-employment income opportunities to thousands of home chefs and delivery riders to earn a successful living as and when they choose to.

–Press Release

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