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Food Worth Millions Wasted by PIA in Last 3 Years; Report

PIA has wasted food worth millions in the last 3 years, as per a report.

Pakistan International Airlines—PIA, which is already operating in loss, has wasted food worth more than Rs.10 crores in the span of the last three years.

According to the available details, the national flag carrier also paid an overflying bill of $65,000 for Turkamanistan to a fabricator falsely. The money was transferred to an account of a man who fabricated a story pretty nicely.

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Besides that, the kitchen audit of Pakistan International Airlines has indicated that Rs.106,500,000 food was wasted in the last 3 years.

The report mentions that 5,558,284 passengers travelled from the airline in the span of 2013 to 2015 and the food was arranged for 6,072,839 passengers. Extra food for more than five lac persons cost the national airline seven crore. The food that was wasted at Lahore Airport alone worth more than four crores.

The report held the PIA administration responsible for this huge loss, especially when the organization is already incurring losses.

PIA was told about these mishaps in 2016 and in the month of November 2018 but no attention was paid to these losses with costs worth of millions.

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