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Food Panda Service Not Refunding Customers On Time


Food Panda is a major online food ordering service operating in Pakistan, the food ordering service is maintained by the company from various retailers across Pakistan.

The order taking system is actually managed by each individual retailer/restaurant however, it is also controlled by Food Panda as being a technology company for providing platform including a website and Mobile App.

A recent series of complaints were observed on Twitter which indicates that Food Orders are being canceled on Food Panda by the service providers mean individual retailers/restaurants; the details of those retailers, however, are unknown. But people have complaints about the orders being canceled and the refund is not going through in time when they choose to pay by card. This becomes a serious issue for Food Delivery service as many people have suggested only to use Cash On Delivery Service when ordering food through the Food Panda app.

But that doesn’t solve the problem, Food Panda needs to keep an eye on their supplier restaurants and regulate them time to time, they also need to ensure a prompt refund if the order is canceled, and they should minimize the cancelations as it adversely affects the user experience.

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