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Food Outlets Introduced Discount Offers on Election Day

Elections are just a day away, the election campaigns ended last night. For playing an active part in the society and for encouraging people to come out and vote many food outlets have introduced discount offers on the Election day.


The eatery is offering a fifteen per cent discount on Wednesday provided that you may visit them after casting vote.

Del Frio

A complimentary product could be availed from this food outlet upon showing them your inked thumb.


Every vote counts but so does every cup of coffee, right? They are offering the most amazing offer by letting you have a free coffee cup upon showing them your inky thumb.


It is offering a twenty per cent off on the Election day.

Burger Lab

The most in burger outlet these days is providing free Gourmet fries if a burger is bought.


It is offering a free drink to the voters.

Heisen Burgers


It is providing free Slush to the voters.

Esquire Coffee

Enjoy a free cookie with the outlet after casting your vote.

Burger in Law

Have free fries after giving your vote.

The Deli

Another outlet offering free coffee on the 25th of July.

Nosh – Bar & Grill

The outlet is offering forty per cent off on Lunch and thirty per cent off on Dinner, as a reward for casting votes.


Get twenty-five per cent off on the election day.


It is offering fifty per cent off to the voters tomorrow.

Elemento Caffe

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