Food Needed to Feed the Global Population to Increase by 80% by the end of the century

A study has suggested that the food required to feed the world population will increase by almost 80% by the end of the century.

A few researchers from Germany said that the trend of increasing Body Mass Index (BMI) has resulted in individuals requiring more calories.

The authors said that if the need for more calories is not met it can lead to greater inequality worldwide. In the journal, Plos One these findings were published. A team from the University of Gottingen carried out this study. It was calculated that around 60% of the calorie increase is due to the growing number of people in the world.

The global population is estimated to increase to 11 billion in 2100 from 7 billion in 2010, as per the UN World Population Prospects.

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However, more than 18% of the increase in calories from 2010 levels will be from a projected increase in height and weight figures in the worldwide population.

Lutz Depenbusch co-author from the World Vegetable Center said, “The increase in the average daily required energy rises by 253 kcal per person between 2010 and 2100 in our estimations, assuming a rising BMI and height.”

Adding, “On a global scale, we calculate that the effect of the BMI and height increases in our model would lead to additional calorie requirements that match the 2010 requirements of India and Nigeria combined.”

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Dr. Depenbusch said that an extra two large bananas or a portion of French fries would be on the menu in terms of how the food will equate to an increase of 253 calories in someone’s daily diet.

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