Food Industry Constitutes Trade Body

food industry

The famous and popular leading and multi-national food companies managing their operations in the nation have constituted the Pakistan Association of Food Industries (PAFI).

As per the reports, the association was formed to represent the food-industry of the nation officially.

The association has got the highest-level representation of the major member organizations which includes the Nestle, Unilever, Friesland Campina, Shan Foods, EBM, Young’s, National Foods Limited (NFL), Pepsi, Dawn Bread, Tapal Tea, K&Ns, Dawn Bread and others.

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The secretary general of PAFI Irfan Hafeez Malik while speaking on the formation of the association said that the food businesses must be more actively invested in the sustainable food systems as well as to develop, adapt and to share the technologies amid the coronavirus epidemic.

He further added that the private sector food-related businesses and retailers are required to make the sustainable food operations more lucrative, affordable and available.

On the other hand, the federal capital motorists would be offered the fuel measurement facility for checking their vehicle fuel at any filling station of the capital city.

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