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Food in Karachi University Declared Unhygienic

Karachi University is one of the leading universities of Pakistan. Along with its education system the university is known for its mouth-watering fast food like samosas, chaats, french fries and much more.

Now as per a new report by a local newspaper, it has been discovered that the food provided in Karachi University is unhygienic and of below standards. It is quite a shocking news for not just students of Karachi University but for the general public of Pakistan, specifically Karachi.

An investigation was done by the Department of Food and Science at Karachi University on the known items sold by the university.

The Ketchup served with fries was tested only to reveal that it can not be called Ketchup at all. It did not had any food color, instead, it had normal color used in it. The color used in its making can be extremely hazardous for the human body.

It was reported that at least 80% of Karachi University’s students & staff members visited the canteen daily for lunch or snacks. And now they are told that the food they have been taking is poisonous and unhygienic as per the expert researchers.

The oil used to make fast food products was also tested and as per an expert the oil was used continuously for frying new samosas and french fries. You might not find it a very shocking thing, but wait. Do you know if same oil is used repeatedly and you consume it on daily basis it can cause cancer? This is how dangerous the situation is.

Furthermore, the researcher informed that many students & fast food consumers of the university are suffering from food poisoning & other health-related problems.

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Recently Karachi University was ranked in QS Asian University Rankings & was given 193rd position. If the university has been given recognition & is globally known, it should work on its food quality, after all the health of the student should be the top priority for any institution.