‘Following’ feed is now available on threads, but its hidden

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Threads have some major success in its early launch days, but it’s barely comparable to other apps as it lacks many features that its rival app already has. There is a long list of features that are missing in the app, but it won’t take that long to cover them up. As per information via 9to5Google, the following feed is now available on thread.

Since the app was launched, people have been waiting for this feature. People were following their desired accounts but were only able to see all of our feed with posts from celebrities and influencers. This missing point was troubling users on Instagram too.

Following feed is now available on this thread

Meta has already published the first significant upgrade for its new platform, answering users’ prayers. This update is available for both iOS and Android, ensuring that no one is left out. Because it is a server-side update, users will have to wait even if they have the most recent version ( of app.

Your feed is currently an algorithmically curated list of posts. These contain posts from accounts you follow as well as popular accounts. The software feeds you what it thinks you’ll like. However, there are instances when we simply want to view posts from those we follow. Furthermore, the posts are not in chronological order.

Only posts from accounts you follow will appear in the new Threads You Follow feed. It’s also in chronological order, so you’ll always be fed posts straight from the artists’ hands.

While this is a positive step for the app, it is handled in an unusual manner. When you start the app, the new feed will not be accessible by default. You must first hit the home button to see it. When you do this, two tabs will appear below the top of the UI.

The default feed will be seen under the “For You” tab on the left. The Following tab can be seen on the right. Tap it to open the new tab. It’s odd that Meta is attempting to conceal this stream from its users. This makes sense, as following feeds are also hidden on Instagram.

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