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Flynas First Saudi Airline to Offer Flights to Iraq

It’s been more than twenty-five years that any Saudi airline has taken the route to Iraq, recently on Wednesday the Saudi Arabia low-cost domestic and international airline Flynas announced that it would soon be offering the flights to Iraq. Flynas is the first airline of the Kingdom to announce such news.

On the official website of the airline, it was mentioned in a statement that in a few weeks’ time the flights to different Iraqi cities would be offered.

Ever since the invasion decision of ex-President Iraq Saddam Hussein in Kuwait during the 1990s there have been no flight routes between Saudi Arab and Iraq. Iran is budding in regional influence, to break that both United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arab are persuading Iraq which is their northern neighbor.

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Flynas was initially started back in 2007 by the name of Nas Air, it changed its name to Flynas in 2013. The company grew slowly and earned its first profits in the year 2015. The airline has got and is facing strong competition within Saudi Arabia which is the airline’s prime market.

The two nations have also held a discussion back in August about opening the northern border crossing that is the Arar land border crossing for trade. Border trades were also non-functional between Saudia and Iraq ever since the invasion of 1990.

The announcement by Flynas was made after the decision from the Saudi cabinet on Monday about launching a joint trade commission with the northern neighbor-Iraq.

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