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Flying Trains Likely to Become Reality in Future

Flying trains might become a thing of future, as a French entrepreneur has hinted an idea to the Boeing for the making of such trains with wings and the ability to fly.

Maurice Ricci—the CEO of the Akka Technologies—a French tech company has planned to merge the two modes of transportation—the aeroplanes and trains. He intends to make a plane that could travel on the ground through tracks-cum-a train that could fly through the air.

Ricci has even hinted the idea to a popular aircraft maker—Boeing, of a plane, landing on a runway, shrugging its wings off and converting into a train and moving on the train tracks to the train stations. In an interview conducted by Bloomberg, Ricci said that after cars go electric and driverless, the next major disruption would be in aircraft.

Dubbing the plane-train hybrid as “Link & Fly”, the firm has even launched a mock-up video of the concept in action. The body is half-plane, half-train. When on the ground, the body of the flying train would separate from the inter-connected wings and the cockpit, shrugging onto the platform present on tracks. It then rides the rail tracks freely itself. The passengers would board and get off the aeroplane at the different train stations so that they would not have to wait to find any other options for travelling to and from the airports, as reported by Futurism.

Additionally, these futuristic planes would not be coming anytime soon. According to Bloomberg, the firm is not relying on convincing the plane manufacturer to necessarily make the complete “Link & Fly” concept, it wants the design to be an attention capturing concept for the moment. However, Ricci is of the belief that small parts of the design might find their way into the commercial aeroplanes in the future.

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