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Flour Prices Increases up to Rs.64 in Punjab

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The Flour Mills Association (FMA) has increased the flour prices up to Rs.64 in the province of Punjab on Saturday.

With a surge of Rs.4, the flour prices have now been fixed at Rs.64 per kilogram, as per a spokesperson of the Flour Mills Association.

The surge in the flour prices follows a hike of Rs.7 in the prices of wheat. As per the spokesperson, the situation changed for the worse after the gas and electricity tariffs were surged by the government. 

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Wheat is an essential commodity that is used by almost all of the households of the country. It is a staple food item that is consumed for providing energy. It is rich in the content of carbohydrates.

With the rise in the flour prices, it is expected that a surge in the roti prices would also be experienced.

On the other hand, the CNG stations are to reopen across Sindh for 12 hours, as reported by the local media.

The CNG stations have opened in the province after a break of 50 hours. Long queues of the consumers were seen outside the CNG stations, lined up for getting their gas tanks filled.

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