Flour Prices Fell Again

flour prices

There has been a reduction in the flour prices as was informed by the provincial senior and food minister Abdul Aleem Khan. He said that the prices have fallen to the lowest in the span of the 7 months throughout the Punjab province.

As per the shared details, a 20-kilogram bag of flour is now available in various cities at a price that is lower than the price specified by the government.

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He said that owing to the integrated policies of PM Khan, the wheat and flour prices have fallen and for the first time in the month of January the prices went further down instead of surging.

While reviewing the progress of the food department he said that people got relief this time.

Shehryar Sultan-the Punjab Food Secretary lauded the working of the department as well as the value chain via which the wheat is distributed to the Punjab flour mills.

The food minister said that the decision of the PM to import wheat on time has proved beneficial and its positive effects have started coming to the fore.

He referred to the decision about the reduction in the flour prices as satisfactory and promised to ensure sufficient supply of the flour and wheat in the market.

He also said that the supply of wheat to the flour mills in all the various districts was currently occurring in a smooth manner.

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