Flood Warning in Southern Punjab Issued

Flood Warning

In comparison to last year, a lot of rainfall was seen this year and a flood alert warning has been issued in Dera Ghazi Khan by the authorities. The warning has been issued following the heavy rainfall in the past 3 days.

In DG Khan the wheat crops suffered a lot due to heavy rain. Also other parts of Southern Punjab witnessed immense hailstorm along with rain and strong winds. This resulted in damaging hundreds of acres of crops.

The government has been urged by the DG Khan farmers to provide them with aid in this crisis time.

In mountainous drains in the area and Sakhi Sarwar, Sanghar Wahwa, Wador, the water level increased thus damaging the crops and threatening the life of the residents.

Due to a delay in purchasing wheat the farmers have requested the government to document the losses by the district administration. Also, the farmers have asked the government to compensate them. If it is not done the hard work of 2019 would just go to waste.

A flood warning was issued by the Deputy Commissioner Mian Mohammad Iqbal Mahar in the area telling the people living near torrents and drains to migrate to safer places. Hospitals have been placed on high alert to remain vigilant in case of an emergency.

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It is pertinent to mention here that a person lost his life as a roof collapsed due to rain. Officials are asked to submit a field emergency plan which includes vaccination arrangements, and food and relief camps

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