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Floating Café in Islamabad—A Major Attraction

Floating Café

The Floating Café in the federal capital, which is located in Rawal lake has been there for many years—six years to be exact, however, this café exits is learnt recently by the Islamabadis via social media.

When the pictures of the cafe which is known as “the Float” surfaced and went viral on the social networking platform—Facebook some days back, it prompted people to experience it first-hand.

The café itself is very simple in its décor, it is a rectangular space supported by a few chairs and tables. Presently it is the major attraction for the federal capital and its residents.

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The café could hold up to twelve people and has got a dedicated kitchen on land that serves different food items. Option to do live BBQ on the floating café is also provided.

The most amazing thing about the float is the special package offered for the couples only. On special occasions, the complete café could be booked to oneself to solely enjoy the time and cherish the occasion with the spouse or partner.

The café management decorates the café without any charges when it is booked on a couple’s package.

The couple could have the entire boat to themselves for two to four hours depending on the type of package and arrangements selected.

The food business is a thriving business in Pakistan, as Pakistani love to eat and dine out with family and friends.

The Float is not just a place to enjoy good food but it also provides a beautiful and serene view to the cafe visitors.

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