Flights Suspension Between Beijing and Karachi Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

On Wednesday, the airlines of China made the announcement that it would partially be suspending its flights between Beijing and Karachi amid the coronavirus outbreak, as per the reports of local media.

All the flights between Beijing and Karachi would remain suspended until the 2nd of February owing to the deadly coronavirus that has taken the lives of 132 people so far, as per the airport sources.

On Wednesday British Airways also suspended all the direct flights to and from the mainland China, which is one of the biggest names of the aviation industry so far, so tension has grown about the impact of the spreading virus on global travel.

The website of the airline indicates no direct flights to mainland China are available to be booked in January and February, however, the airline said in an email that the flight’s cancellations were put in effect until the 31st of January, while it assessed the situation.

Direct flights to the Chinese-governed autonomous region of Hong Kong have remained unaffected.

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The fears of the virus, originated in the central city of Wuhan, which is growing as the death toll has surged to 132 and the nations have warned their citizens over travel to China.

The special assistant to the PM on Health Dr.Zafar Mirza said on Wednesday that 4 Pakistani students in China were infected with the mentioned virus who are now recovering.

Dr Mirza while talking to media said that more or less 30,000 students are presently in China and 4 among them were infected with the coronavirus. He gave assurance to the families of all the Pakistani students presently living in China for the academic purposes for providing the best healthcare facilities.

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