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Flight from Dubai Did Emergency Landing After Passenger’s Excessive Flatulence

According to the reports of Dutch daily De Telegraaf, an Amsterdam-bound flight from Dubai was forced to land in an emergency because of a passenger’s continuous flatulence which led to a fight in mid-air.

Flight number HV6902 of Transavia Airlines made the emergency unplanned landing in Vienna after a fight erupted between an elderly man who was unable to control his loud gas emissions and fellow passenger who complained to the elderly man about the smell issue.

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The fellow passenger even complained to the flight crew and requested the man to stop farting. However, the elderly man continued to fart despite many requests from both the passengers and crew. It could not be said with clarity that whether he was suffering from a medical condition or not.

The elderly man was asked to control himself, but he could not and kept on producing loud gas emissions. Hence the situation worsened, and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.

Australian police boarded the plane in Vienna and took the four men involved in their possession and took them off the plane. But the police made no arrests as none of the imprisoned passengers had violated any Austrian laws.

One of the flight passengers said that we had no idea what was going on, it was all crazy. She added that we did not even know the two men involved in the situation. She said it was just bad luck that we landed up in the same row as them. She concluded that we did not do anything.

A spokesman for the airline said that our crew makes sure to provide a safe flight to the passengers. When there is some risk for the passengers, the crew intervenes into the situation. The spokesman added that people of our crew are trained for that and they know their limitations well.

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