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Five Memorable Moms in Pakistani Dramas

Mothers are special. They play a significant role in shaping our lives and making us who we are. She supports, sacrifices and provides unconditional love not just to her children but also to her spouse. If our Pakistani dramas revolve around any family, then mothers are mostly the central point. Her actions and reactions resonate through the entire plot line. Here is a mix of five most iconic moms of Pakistani dramas who created standards for mothers both in wonderful and awful ways.

  • Rafia from Zindagi Gulzar Hai

The role of Rafia was played by none other than Samina Peerzada—well-loved and famous for her amazing acting skills. In the drama, the story is that her husband (Rafia’s husband) leaves her after her third daughter is born. She on her own raises her three daughters and provides for them.

Her role was immensely admired by the viewers. Rafia portraying the mother of three daughters in a separate home refuses to bow down before her husband’s absurd remarks against her daughters.

  • Farida from Humsafar

The drama that hit skies with its immense fame and popularity. The character of Farida was played by Atiqa Odho. She reveals her true colours against her daughter-in-law after Farida’s husband dies. Farida wants to marry his son with someone she considers equal in terms of standards.

Her character is one unforgettable one. She was shown as a loving mother and mother-in-law at the start of the drama, but later she becomes evil and plots against her daughter-in-law to get his son separated from her.

  • Durre Shehwar from Durre Shehwar

An amazing drama. Durre Shehwar was married to a cold army official and during her initial years of marriage, she realized that quitting is not an option when it comes to keeping one’s married life intact and the same thing she teaches to her daughter.

The character was played by Samina Peerzada. This drama zooms-in to an interesting mother-daughter and father-daughter relationship.

  • Rasheeda from Sadqay Tumhare

A truly complicated role played immensely well by Samiya Mumtaz.

The drama would always be remembered for its intriguing plot. Rasheeda was a victim of the society bars, and she takes out her anger at her children when they decline to obey her wishes.

  • Bilqees Kaur from Bilqees Kaur

An owner of a Dhaba-cum-sweet shop in New York, Bilqees ran the entire house with her husband who also assisted her in cooking and in taking care of the customers.

The role was played by everyone’s favourite Bushra Ansari. She was a woman of steel and expected her children to bend to her will and in the process sowed many seeds of rebellion.

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