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Five-Day Eid Holiday Expected in Pakistan

Eid Holidays

Muslims all around the world are preparing to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha, falling in between the last 10 days of August. Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Deputy Director of Sharjah Planetarium, said that as per astronomical calculations, Arafat Day is likely to be on August 21st which will be a Tuesday and Eid ul Azha will fall on Wednesday, August 22nd. Chances are that most of the world will celebrate Eid ul Azha on Wednesday, August 22. However, in Pakistan, it might be a day late on Thursday, August 23rd, after the moon is sighted.

A long 5-day holiday is expected in Pakistan starting from Wednesday, August 22nd to Sunday, 26th August. As seen in the past, in Pakistan Eid ul Azha holidays are given from 9th of Zhil Hajjah, Arafat Day. Thus if Eid falls on August 23rd in Pakistan, the holidays will start on August 22nd.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan said, “The moon will be one degree from the sun at its sunset. It will set 10 minutes after the sun. The moon, therefore, cannot be seen as per astronomical standards. Thus Sunday will be the 30th of Zhil Qi’da and Monday the first day of Zil Hijjah. Thus, the first day of Eid Al Adha will be on the following Wednesday.”

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The “festival of sacrifice” is celebrated all over the world by Muslims in remembrance of the sacrifice and trials of Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son to fulfill Allah’s command. But before Prophet Ibrahim sacrificed his son, God gave a male goat for sacrifice instead. Thus every year Muslims remember the sacrifice by Hazrat Ibrahim and sacrifice an animal. They offer Eid Namaz prayers, do Qurbani, wear new clothes, meet with relatives and friends, go out and celebrate the festival.