Fitbit app will receive the following design changes

The Fitbit app received an update some time ago. Some of the users expressed their disgust for the new changes and reported them in the feedback section of the Play Store. It seems like the company has worked on that feedback since it is all set to apply the necessary modifications.

A total of five design changes and features will be introduced to the Fitbit app. Furthermore, the company has shared the details of the upcoming changes and explained their necessity. Such efforts are conducted to change a user’s perspective and welcome the new redesign.

These updates will improve the app’s visual appeal and address the design issues that users voiced disapproval of. The user’s app will receive an update through the Google Play Store in the upcoming weeks, along with these modifications.

Some details about the coming update

In response to user feedback, the company is rolling out some fixes that will improve the design quality of the app. The team at Google mentioned all the upcoming changes in a community blog post on the Fitbit website. The changes are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. First and foremost, users can find the user’s Fitbit watch or tracker’s battery percentage in the Today tab. This feature is arriving at the user’s request. The information about the battery percentage will also be visible under the Devices “Connected to Fitbit” tab.

In addition to this, users can see step streaks directly from the app’s interface on both the watch and the tracker. Previously, this feature was exclusive to the iOS version of the app. However, it was removed, and now it is coming back to both the iOS and Android versions of the app. Then, there is a design change to the daily goals section. Users will now have access to a celebration mode that will be activated once daily goals are completed.

Furthermore, the layout on the Today interface is optimized by reducing the space, which makes it easier to read. There are several other features, including dark mode, focus metrics, customization options, and others, coming to the app in the coming months. The new changes will be rolled out over the upcoming weeks.

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