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First Women To Lead Pakistani Bank: UBL’s New CEO

sima kamil ubl ceo

Sima Kamil is the first lady to become CEO of United Bank Limited (UBL), she is currently working as Deputy CEO of the organization. UBL is the country’s third largest bank which serves the customers across the country. Directors of UBL in a statement said that she will officially take the charge by June 1.

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) chairman commented on the position and said, “She is the first ever Chief of any commercial bank and it is a big step in corporate and banking sector of Pakistan”. He described Sima Kamil as solid professional while telling AFP.

Not only in Pakistan but also in west, women are not seen at executive positions in large organizations. It not really a discrimination or equal opportunities debate, neither women are naïve in corporate world. Studies indicate that women have different set of priorities as compared to men.

Women in Pakistan have fought for decades to secure rights for themselves. Few women have headed any high-profile firms in the country.

Kamil cited Shazia Syed as another female pioneer when she was made head of Unilever Pakistan, a Dutch-British multinational company.

“Things are transforming in Pakistan now, the world must know that,” she said.

UBL, the third larget bank in Pakistan, headquartered in the financial hub Karachi, currently employs 15,000 people and has branches in 15 other countries, including the US, Qatar and the UAE.