First-time Ever Govt to Manufacture SIM and Smart Cards in Pakistan

smart cards

Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued instructions to the Ministry of Information Technology to manufacture SIM and smart cards in Pakistan for the first time ever.

The ministry has completed its homework in this regard. Also, the final design of the locally manufactured sim cards has been prepared. For this, all relevant stakeholders were taken on board.  

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Earlier, these items were imported from China and other countries. The technology was acquired by MoIT to manufacture the cards in Pakistan. This would help in reducing the import bill of the telecom industry.

The telecom companies have been directed by the Ministry to follow the quality standards and standardize prices for the users.

It is a great initiative taken by the government to manufacture the SIM cards in Pakistan instead of importing it from China and other nations. This will allow Pakistan’s economy to stand on its own ground. Other than this, jobs will be created for our own people which is quite a healthy sign.

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