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First Tesla Car Lands in Pakistan

Tesla Car in Pakistan is not a dream, a white 2017 Tesla S 75D has landed in Pakistan. For the first time, a Tesla Car is imported in the country. Many Pakistanis are interested in Tesla electric cars but are unsure about customs duty and money that has to be spent to import a Tesla car in Pakistan.

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First, we need to understand that Tesla has till now shipped three electric vehicles that are Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Model 3 is the most recent model, with innovative design, it only has a steering with bezel-less touchscreen panel of 15-inches inside the car and nothing else. Model S has a base price of $58,570.

The model that has been imported to Pakistan is 75D, its price begins from $74,500.

Is the Car worth it in Pakistan?

The maintenance cost of Tesla electric cars is easy. There is no engine to be maintained. The car does not cost air pollution and it is environment-friendly.

On the other hand, electric cars run on electric motors. If by any chance the motor catches fire or gets damaged in any way, Pakistanis cannot repair it in the country. There is absolutely no Tesla repairment support in the country. So customers would have to import the part damaged, thus lots of money will be wasted. No superchargers are available for electric cars in Pakistan. So the car cannot travel long distances. A car owner can only charge the car from home. If Supercharge was available in Pakistan it could charge the car in just a few minutes. The car owners of Tesla are connected with the company, its updates via internet and mobile network. Tesla had a deal with a network carrier to send updates to its users. In Pakistan, there is no such deal of Tesla with any of Pakistan’s mobile operating networks. So yet another disadvantage.

Now custom duty on electric vehicles in Pakistan is 50%. So if a Tesla car is Rs 6 million, the customs duty will be Rs 3 million on it. So those who want to import the car must bear this in mind.

We need to understand that this is just a beginning of Tesla cars being imported in Pakistan. Yes the auto environment is Pakistan is not electric cars friendly yet, but who knows, if people start importing them, markets will open up for those customers.