First Space Scientist in Pakistan hails from Balochistan

Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad, the first space scientist in Pakistan hails from a small village in Turbat, Balochistan. He has become Pakistan’s first space scientist at Cambridge University.

The Cambridge Graphene Centre, Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge collaborated with lead research institutions and European Space Agency. The department works on research and device development for use in satellites.

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Dr. Yarjan said, “I am proud that as a Baloch and a Pakistani, I’m the first Pakistani to work as a space scientist at the Cambridge University.”

Dr. Yarjan has performed his scientific experiments in zero gravity in space in the past three years. He has experimented with parabolic flights and sounding rockets etc.

He said, “We are making efforts to work out the devices that function without any energy and electricity, he pointed out. These devices will provide cooling to the spacecraft while in space.”

The scientist is willing to share his experience and knowledge with SUPARCO.

He said, “We launch flights, including the parabolic ones or sounding rockets, for our experiments. We can replicate them in Pakistan too.”

He said that his job is similar to that of a solider.

Adding, “Our job is like that of soldiers. There is no space for any fear when you are committed to your work.”

It is pertinent to mention here that a Pakistani scientist Dr. Muhammad Farooq Wahab, was included in the top 40 analytical scientists in the world. 

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