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First Private Passenger to Go for A Trip Around the Moon

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Elon Musk has shared the details about the first private passenger round trip to the moon. The details have been shared days after the SpaceX CEO made an announcement that he would be sending the first private passenger to the moon. Among the details, he also shared about his upcoming rocket renders.

Some days back, Elon Musk tweeted that he would be sending the first ever private passenger for a trip around the moon. The first passenger to fly around the moon would be SpaceX’s forthcoming Big Falcon Rocket (BFR).

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Musk informed that the project termed as “Dear Moon” to fly around the moon would be happening in the year 2023 and would be taking four to five days in total. The forty-two old billionaire mentioned that he has always desired to go to the moon ever since he was a little child and this mission would mark him as the first ever non-American to reach the moon. Besides, him, Yusaku Maezawa—the founder of the extensive online fashion mall—Zozotown wants to take artists to the moon as well, as reported by Mashable.

Maezawa said that at the same time, he is not intending to enjoy such an amazing experience alone. He wants to share this experience with as many as possible. He added that he has chosen to go to the moon with artists.

Maezawa would be inviting six to eight artists, that represents Earth for taking him on his mission. The artists would be asked to see the moon closely and the Earth in full view and to create works that exhibit their respective experiences.

He also said that ever since he was a kid, he has loved the moon. Just by looking at the moon filled his imagination.

The list of artists has not been finalized so far, however, Maezawa would be approaching the painters, architects, fashion designers, sculptors, film directors and many more like them.

He did not reveal much that how much he would be paying for the flight, however, Musk expressed that it would be a free ride for the accompanying artists.

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