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First Plane to Land Tomorrow at New Islamabad International Airport

The first plane is ready to land tomorrow at New Islamabad International Airport. Pakistan International Airline (PIA) will operate a mock test flight from the Airport tomorrow on April 7th, 2018.

The formal inauguration of the Airport will be on April 20th, 2018. From then onwards proper & regular flights will operate from the airport. For tomorrow only a trial flight will take off. The current airport of Islamabad, Benazir Bhutto International Airport will be transferred to the new airport in between April 19 to April 20.

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Coming to the features, facilities, and measurements of the new airport, it is spread over 19 sq km, having 15 jetties. It also has the capacity to accommodate the largest airplane in the world, A380. In terms of the landing and passenger facilities, New Islamabad International Airport will be the largest airport in Pakistan.

There are two runways in the airport, 3.5 km long each. The families of PIA workers will now do a mock check-in tomorrow before the airport finally opens on 20th. So a PIA plane will land at the airport and then the airport staff, crew, airport security force, anti-narcotics force will handle the passengers.

For this mock trial, 250 family members of PIA employees will come. They will go through all regular checkpoints on the airport from security check to the baggage check and then they will move towards custom counters for the boarding.

Those passengers who are disabled or sick, wheelchairs will be provided to them. The time given to the employee’s families to reach the airport tomorrow is 8:45 am. The whole trial will be conducted by Musharraf Rasool Cyan PIA Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The main goal of this new airport is to increase air traffic substantially, give more options to the passengers and the airlines and offer better services to the people.