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First Old-Age Home for the Transgender Persons to Open

After the making of the first transgender school in Lahore, an old-age home has also been established in the provincial capital of Punjab for the transgender community. The old age home would be providing free medical facilities along with the provision of accommodation to the old aged transgender persons.

The old-age home has been built in such a pattern that residential rooms are provided within it. It has been founded by Aashi Butt—a famous transgender person of Lahore.

Aashi Butt says that he/she for the first time started working on the project back in 2011 and now the project has reached its completion. Butt further added that he/she has spent all the earnings made through dancing and singing on this project.

Aashi Butt mentioned that transgender persons would be able to spend their lives like a united family in the newly built old-age facility.

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The transgender persons who are left alone by their families could live in this old home like one big family. They would be together for each other in each other’s happiness and sorrows.

The project founded for the transgender community is aimed at giving food and shelter to the transgender persons who have spent their entire lives dancing and singing, begging on streets but after getting old and weak they have no place to go to spend rest of their lives. Many of these transgender persons are weak and even sick.

The old-age home is provided with twenty-eight beds and the members of the transgender community who are ailing from life threatening diseases would be given top priority for admission into the facility.

The organizers of the old-age facility while conversing with a local newspaper informed that a local doctor would also be available twenty-four hours for the treatment of the transgender persons who would be sick. So far, sixty transgender persons have got themselves registered for the old home.

The food would be prepared as per the wishes of the transgender persons, the organizers informed. Also, indoor games would be available for them, along with the facility of TV lounge and a small library and a prayer corner.

The organisers informed that no help or aid has been taken by any government or non-government institution for the making of the old-age home.

The old-age home would be functional from Ramazan, as told by the organisers.

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