First McDonald’s Branch in Abbottabad Opening on 14th December

The first thing that comes in mind while thinking of Burgers is McDonald’s. The fast-food chain has an identity of itself, in Pakistan and worldwide. In Pakistan, McDonald’s first branch launched back in September 1998 in Lahore. In the last 20 years, many branches have opened up of McDonald’s in almost all cities of Pakistan. In the bigger cities, there are multiple branches.

However, till yet there had been no branch in Abbottabad,despite it being one of the highly visited place for tourists.

Now things are changing in the northern city of Pakistan. The leading food outlet in the world, McDonald’s is coming to Abbottabad. On 14th December the branch will open. We can expect a huge crowd there, at the opening of the new branch as this news is surprising & welcoming both for the locals and tourists.

Even though it’s a moment of celebration there were a few people angry about the locality of the branch. It is being opened on the Mansehra Road, under a breathtaking forest and along with the mountain. For the construction of the branch, a few trees were cut and a part of the mountain was taken down. This became the cause of frustration and anger for some people who protested on social media. Even though the anger of people is justified, we need to also understand that for development purposes a few sacrifices have to be made.

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