First Harley Davidson FXDR 2019 arrives in Pakistan

There is a huge fan base of Harley Davidson in Pakistan and worldwide. There are people who spend millions just to get their hands on a Harley Davidson bike. There are friends, groups of men who own these bikes and even hold competitions.

Well, here is the news for all Harley Davidson fans. The first Harley Davidson FXDR 2019 has arrived in Pakistan. The District THD in Karachi imported the bike and now it is out there for purchase.

Outside of Pakistan the price of FXDR 2019 starts from $21,349 or PKR 3,418,615. But with all the duties and taxes included, it can be imagined how expensive the bike would be in the country.

The bike is equipped with a Milwaukee-eight 114 engine that comes with 119 ft-lb torque. The engine has an Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI). In the header, the exhaust features 2 into 1 catalyst.

Here are some pictures of the bike

Last year, Harley Davidson planned to shift its business overseas to avoid paying European tariffs imposed.

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