First Female Traffic Police Warden Selected for a United Nations Mission in Punjab


On Sunday, the first female traffic police warden has been selected for a United Nations mission in Punjab.

According to the details, the female traffic warden Salma Abdul Ghani is going to represent the Pakistani Police in Sudan.

The Police say that Pakistan has been selected for the mission after around nine years and more than 361 police officers from the country will leave for a United Nations mission.

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Salma Abdul Ghani while talking to the media said that she is delighted to be a part of the mission. Also, this is happening for the time that a traffic police warden is getting selected for a mission.

She further added that it took her fourteen years and a lot of exams to reach such a milestone. Ghani told the media that she worked in this field for ten years and then she worked in the office.

Salma Abdul Ghani is overjoyed for the mission and also she aims to make her country proud of her performance overseas.

She says that whatever she is today, it is all because of her parent’s support. They stood with her throughout her life and now it’s her turn to make them proud.

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