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First Environment-Friendly Food Festival of Pakistan Begins on April 5

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First ever environment-friendly food festival of Pakistan, ReFest would be starting from the 5th of April and would continue on until the 7th of April. The festival would be held in Karachi. It is being organized to discourage the use of single-use plastics and to promote sustainable food consumption.

BrandLogics and WWF-Pakistan have collaborated for organising the first ever environmental-friendly food festival of the country.

The festival is aimed at decreasing the food waste and to raise the awareness of eating food in a responsible manner as well as adopting sustainable practices in daily lives like the reduced use of single-use plastics.

The unique idea behind this festival is to relive the idea of arranging food festivals, reusing the recyclable stuff and reduce food wastage.

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A number of measures would be taken at the event venue for making zero waste to the landfills.

Eco-friendly cutlery would be used during the festival and Styrofoam cup and plates would not be permitted while the single use plastic containers would also be discouraged. But if any stalls would use them then they would be collected for recycling.

WWF-Pakistan would encourage people to use paper plates and cups along with aluminium plates and packaging.

Tickets for the event would be made from recycled paper for reducing the carbon emissions.

Tree plantation activity would also be carried out during the event.

ReFest teams would incentivise consumers to collect bottles at the location.

The festival would also have a recycled art exhibition area. All the extra food not sold at the end of the festival would be taken by the Robin Hood Army and would be distributed to the less privileged people in the city.

This 3-day festival would be open for the general public at Beach View Park, Clifton from Friday until Sunday.

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