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First Car Accident by a Female Driver in Saudi Arabia

History was made when on June 24th, 2018 Saudi women were allowed to drive on the roads for the first time after 28 years of the ban.

But as per reports on 24th June at 12:00 A.M the first female driver on Abdul Aziz road encountered an accident. No major injuries were reported but as per this tweet, the incident was fatal.

: On the first day of women driving in Saudi Arabia, a woman driver had a fatal accident in which her car overturned and women driver died. Watch the clip.” 

As per traffic authorities, every woman living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is permitted to drive as the ban has been lifted. But women and social activists feel that even though the ban has been lifted there are many hurdles for the women driver like they have to pay six times more fees to learn driving in comparison to men. Thus it is creating issues and hurdles for women to obtain a driving license.

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As per reports women of 18 years and older can apply and obtain a driving license.  In 2017 the present King of the Kingdom issued a royal decree to allow the women to apply for driving license and driver cars without legal guardian’s permission.

Also, Careem is ready to hire and train women in Saudi Arabia. By June 2018, Careem is planning to train 10,000 female drivers. Also for security reasons Careem also announced that the option for the female Careem driver in Saudi Arabia will only be given to women riders and families.

Update: The Saudi government later denied that the accident was caused by the woman, rather there was a man who was involved in this accident.

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