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Fire Erupts At Jamshoro Grid Station: Karachi Electricity Supply Affected

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KARACHI: Last night fire broke out in a 132KV switchyard of a 500KV grid station near a thermal power plant in Jamshoro, Sindh, which has disrupted power supply to Karachi. After putting off the fire, the supply to various areas was switched off as a precautionary measure.

A spokesman for NTDC (National Transmission and Dispatch Company) said in a statement that fire erupted in a switchyard of 500KV Jamshoro grid station due to a technical fault, which affected the power supply in the areas of Jamshoro, Kotri, Hyderabad, Manjhind, Nooriabad, and Power was suspended in other areas as well, however, power supply to Karachi was not affected. The power supply to Karachi was restored by us.

On the other hand, the spokesman of K-Electric said that the fire in Jamshoro grid station of the national grid also affected the electricity of Karachi. Only 450MW was supplied to the city, due to this shortage and fire incident load management had to be done.

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A spokesman for the Power Division said that NTDC and Hesco teams had contained the fire effectively. Within two hours, the entire NTDC 500 and 220KV circuit was restored. A preliminary technical report of the incident was also delivered to the authorities. Meanwhile, Federal Minister Omar Ayub continued to oversee the rehabilitation process.

However, K-Electric in its statement said that the power outage from the national grid has been completely restored, 650MW power supply from the national grid is continuing, due to which Karachi’s power supply is maintained. The situation has improved slightly, and load management is not being done in residential areas. A spokesman of K-Electric said that for complaints related to electricity, consumers should call 118

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