Fire broke out at Islamabad's Itwar Bazaar – Research Snipers

Fire broke out at Islamabad’s Itwar Bazaar

Islamabad’s Itwar Bazaar situated at Peshawar Mor is under heavy fire again. The clouds of the smoke are easily visible to the people living miles away.

As per the reports, 200 stalls have been burnt, and all stalls are selling garments. The authorities are still trying to figure out the cause of the flame of the fire.

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According to the reports, the heavy fire broke out due to the blast at the cylinder shop. The rescue teams are at the spot and trying to take control over the fire.

As per the rescue officials, not a single casualty reported till now.

It’s not the first time, we already witnessed the same type of fire in August of 2017, when as many as 1,000 stalls were burnt.

Here are the images and videos of the recent incident;