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Finnair Another Airline to Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

When one intends to fly or to take flight million things keep the mind occupied like is everything packed? Is the stove turned off? Locking doors, passports, and much more such stuff. People usually hate the idea of stress especially before traveling.

Anyways it seems that airlines are on the track of creating more stress for their travelers. After Hawaiian Airlines, Finnair has also decided to start weighing its passengers before they board the plane. Finnair is a Swedish, flag carrying and largest airline of Finland. It is the fifth oldest airline in operation and yet one of the safest airlines to travel with. It covers both local and international flights.

Presently, the operations ran by the airlines is based on a survey which was conducted eight years back in 2009 by the European Avian Safety Association. This survey reveals about the average weights of the passengers and their carry-ons. As already mentioned it’s been eight years to this survey so much data must have changed.

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The good thing is that the whole getting weighed procedure is optional, which means it’s per the choice of users that whether they want to volunteer for getting their weight measured or not. The airline is hoping that somewhat between hundred and one hundred and fifty people would have no issue with the idea of weight measurement and would voluntarily present themselves along with their carry-ons to be weighed before boarding.

The most disturbing question is in case weight adds up to be more than the expected weight then how would the airline deal with this situation, would they be bumping people out of their flights or what.

The weight debate seems to be everywhere from tabloids to magazine covers to health reports to high school bullying and now airlines have also touched the sensitive matter. Now we have to see that do all airlines follow the Hawaiian Airlines and Finnair pattern or they maintain their operations like they are doing already.

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