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Fines on Heavy-Smoke Emitting Vehicles from Oct 1

heavy-smoke emitting vehicles

On the directions of the Inspector General of Police, the city traffic police would start imposing heavy fines on heavy-smoke emitting vehicles. The fines would also be charged on vehicles without functioning head and backlights. The fines would be enforced from the 1st of October 2018. This measure has been adapted to curb the situation of expected smog in Lahore.

Strict orders have been given by the inspector general of police to put these heavy-smoke emitting vehicles under legal action and nobody violating these new protocols would be left without being charged with the fine.

Upon the rule violation, these vehicles would be detained for doing further legal proceedings against them. The measure has been taken in light of the smog situation of the city for the last few years. The police is all set to play their part in curbing the smog factor from the environment by bringing all the automobiles running on the roads and streets under a law.

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Last year Lahore was under serious smog attack which even led to serious health issues. As per doctors, smog contains ground-level ozone and other harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. The presence of smog in the environment is a serious concern for all especially the ones who are suffering from heart or lung ailments. Long-term smog exposure could also affect the eyesight of a person. Many cases of throat diseases also surfaced last year both among children and adults.

In collaboration with the environment department, the city traffic police have also taken a decision to initiate an awareness drive among all the transporters of Thokar Niaz Baig, Bund Road and Lari Adda to combat the serious condition of smog in the city.

Furthermore, the traffic police would be taking strict actions against the ones found breaking the law and their respective vehicles would also be taken into custody.

Some instructions have been released by the traffic police for handling the situation of smog for the people travelling on the roads. The directions are as follows:

  • All the lights which include the headlight, fog lights and hazard lights are to be kept on while driving in case of smog conditions
  • For reducing the rate of accidents, all the drivers must cover their headlights with yellow sticker paper for enhancing the visibility in smog
  • No speeding is permitted inside the city

The health experts have advised all the citizens to keep their eyes, noses and mouths covered while travelling. Use of protective glasses and helmets is also highly recommended. Windows of the houses are also to be kept close for avoiding dust particles to enter into the house.

This is a good initiative by the police which should be applauded by the citizens in making sure that the environment is kept clean, pollution free and safety could be assured for all.

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