Fine on Tourists Found Littering KP Valleys

KP valleys

KP government has planned to place a fine on tourists littering the KP valleys.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is to crack down on the tourists who would be found littering the valleys and mountains of the province.

The government has also got the plans of deploying a tourism force for keeping a check on the tourists.

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Atif Khan—the health minister of KP said that the tourists need to cooperate with the local government for keeping the mountains clean.

The Wildlife Department has seized the Eid shoes of the Prime Minister Imran Khan. As per the Wildlife Dept. the chappals have been made from snakeskin and under the Wildlife Act 2015 the sale and purchase of snakeskin in illegal.

It also said that to gift or sale of animals is also barred under section 17.

This offence has got a fine of nearly Rs.5,000 and imprisonment of 1 month could also be given or both in some cases. The maximum amount of fine charges is Rs.45,000 or 2-years jail sentence.

It is being said that the price of the Peshawari chappals made for the PM is at least Rs.40,000.

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