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Fine Imposed on Motorcyclists Travelling Without Helmets


The motorcyclists in Karachi have been fined for travelling without helmets.

The traffic police have charged around 25,531 people with fine with a collective amount of Rs. 3.8 million in the last 2 days. Now each and every one of the motorcyclists has to wear a helmet while travelling otherwise they will be charged with a fine.

16,014 motorbikes have been confiscated.

In order to spread awareness about wearing helmets, the police are directed to hold a campaign by Ameer Sheikh, the Karachi Additional IG.

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The campaign is entitled “Helmet nahi to kuch nahi “. The penalty of fine for not wearing helmets was decided in this campaign by the sheikh himself. He also ordered the people who do not have helmets to buy one urgently. Special camps would be set up for selling helmets in cheap rates.

To ride a bike with no helmet on is strictly being prohibited on Shara-e- Faisal, as per the warning issued by the Ameer Sheikh. Two well-known officials Mayor Wasim Akhtar and Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani also attended the campaign making an appeal to the motorbike riders to cooperate with the police officers

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